Ecommerce Email Marketing: the master key of your retention strategy


Many brands focus hard on their Cost Per Acquisition. But that's a race to the bottom.

Since xx, CPA have been rising constantly and there is no indication they will go back down any time soon.

As a result margins suffers and many businesses are struggling to survive.

But there is a remedy to high CPA. 

Enter LTV – LifeTime Value. The $$ amount a customer spends with you, overall the course of several months, or years.

Your business can handle rising CPA if your LTV is rising as well. 

You can even consider losing money on the first purchase, if the LTV is worth it.

Yes! Would you spend $50 to attract a customer if you know they will bring you $350 over the course of their time with you? We would. And some of our current clients do.

Ok you’re convinced – how do you increase your LTV?

Enter – email marketing. The key player of your retention strategy.

Is email marketing dead? Absolutely not.

Take a look at some of those results.


0 %

Revenue Growth
In 12 Months.


Return on Ad Spend


$ 0 k

From zero sales to $650k revenue in 8 months.


Return on Ad Spend


0 %

Ad Spend increase while maintaining top performing returns.


Reduction in CPA


0 %

Increase in subscriptions which is now 50% of their revenue.


On first-time purchasers (subscription is profitable from the very first sale)


0 %

In 12 Months.


Return on Ad Spend

Let us generate results like this for you.

Book a call to discuss your objectives.

Your email marketing expert team.

From strategy to design, copywriting to coding, set-up to scaling, analytics to actionable reporting, we take care of everything.

A full done-for-you service.

SMS marketing? Yes. These 2 work well together.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Audit and analysis

No serious strategy can be done without first diving into the data and the customer journey.

And because we have a team of paid media specialists in the agency, we can do a full funnel analysis to understand where your best customers come from and what cohorts are your most valuable.

Step 2 – Set up the plan

Flesh out your audiences and define your segments, develop messaging and positioning, create a list building campaign calendar, and map out your promotions – these will be the building blocks of your strategy.

Step 3 – Implementation

Copywriting and design – we create beautiful, customised emails that will speak to the core of your segments. We do regular A/B testing to look for the best performance.

We set up your campaigns and your flows

Step 4 – Measure, measure, measure and optimise

We help you make data-driven decision – and we use that data for strategic flow and campaign optimisation.

Get on the phone with one of our specialists to discuss your current email marketing strategy.

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