How we helped this Premium Snack brand launch 3 new stores in 3 countries during the COVID-19 crisis​.

The Client.

A premium high-protein snacking brand based in the UK. Stocked in retailers, Amazon and their own Direct to Consumer (DTC) online store. 

Their mission was to turn their product into the most sustainably sourced, ethical product on the market within their category. They came to us to increase brand awareness and online sales amid a competitive marketplace. 

The Challenge.

Over the past 3 years, they successfully grew the business selling through Amazon, which accounted for 80% of total online revenue. Due to their high dependency on Amazon, they needed to diversify their sales channels.

The challenge was to implement Paid Social, PPC and Email Marketing across 3 different countries to generate sales through a channel which they owned; their website.

The Strategy.

Phase I:
As they had never sold online before, they didn’t have prior experience of Direct to Commerce as a channel. Therefore, we helped them with their pricing structure and understanding the type of growth they wanted to undertake. 

We identified ways to increase their average order value by increasing pricing, developing bundles and implementing discount ladders. Our goal was to set them up for long-term success, and we did this through collaboration, ensuring their online store would be profitable in a Direct to Consumer landscape. 


Phase II:
Once we started running paid traffic to the stores, the data we gathered allowed us to identify the factors which increased the average order value. We could focus on what was working and begin to promote this through all marketing channels and stores. 


The Result

Due to this strategy, the client’s profitability increased as we grew their average order value from £25 to £48. As a result, we could spend more on customer acquisition to grow their business even quicker, compounding the client’s success. 

As the client began operating in several EU countries, we launched stores and marketing channels for each.

Initially, our client planned to launch the European stores in English, due to the cost of translating the websites and all ads. Well-known brands can often get away with having their European stores in English, but in this instance, this wasn’t the case. 

We trialled the European stores in English for the initial 2 weeks, and they didn’t perform as hoped. Therefore we proposed to launch translated versions of each store.

The copy across all channels, i.e. Facebook and Instagram, Google PPC, Email Marketing and the online stores themselves were translated.

The Result

When the European stores were in English, they converted at 0.8%. When translated into their respective languages, their conversion rates increased to 3.7%.  

Based on their average order value of £48, for every 100 people who visited the online stores, they generated £177 instead of £48. 

By constantly assisting our clients in increasing their conversion rates, we can ensure that they make the most out of their advertising budget and existing traffic. 

When the client came to us, they didn’t have a subscription service. So to add a recurring revenue stream, we recommended that they implement one.

We designed and built a subscription model, including post-purchase email flows, SMS (text messaging) and a retention funnel via Facebook & Instagram. 

The Result 

Within 12-months, we built their new subscription service to nearly £35,000 per month across all stores, which equated to a third of their overall online revenue. 

We carried out extensive persona testing for our client.

This has been covered extensively in other Case Studies. See links below:

The Results

* All results are based upon a 12-month period

  • Across 3 stores their average Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) was 3.3

  • Their online revenue increased from approximately £2k per month to £85k per month

  • We grew their Average Order Value (AOV) from £25 to £48

  • Increased their conversion rate across European stores from 0.8% to 3.7% and the English store went from 1.5% to 4%

  • Monthly subscription revenue increased to nearly £35k per month across all stores, equating to a third of their overall online revenue. 



Revenue Increased

from £2k per month

to £85k p/m

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