How we helped this paint maker studio grow their sales by 2400% (even though they were skeptical at first)​.

The Client.

A UK-based pigment and paint-maker studio, producing niche paint products. 

They have high levels of visibility and online engagement through organic media channels, which they manage in-house. They are well known within their niche and have a reputation for high-quality, innovative products.

They also gain national and international PR across print and TV alongside a high level of social engagement. 

The Challenge.

The client was quite skeptical about how paid advertising could help grow their brand due to the substantial PR they were used to. However, during initial conversations, we discussed how this PR was generating brand awareness instead of direct sales. 

They recognised the need to introduce and scale up direct sales campaigns to increase revenue, alongside their current PR and social media followings. 

The Founder was keen to leverage his personal profile and social media followings to accelerate the brand’s growth. 

We were working with a relatively low order value; therefore, the cost per acquisition  (CPA) needed to remain below £10 to be profitable. This can be challenging when using paid advertising but is achievable with a mixture of highly engaging creatives, viral campaigns and a high sales volume to optimise the Facebook and Instagram algorithm. 

The Strategy.

These are the strategies that we consulted upon and implemented:

  • Multi-stage ad funnel
    Implemented an advertising funnel, from product discovery through to conversion (sale) using various formats and styles of creative, testing different audiences and kinds of messaging.
  • Creatives
    Working hand-in-hand with our client, we created thumb stopping engaging content that fulfilled various needs, i.e. product explainers, social proof (reviews/PR), direct response (buy now).
  • Product launch
    We developed a product launch timeline in conjunction with the client to maximise sales around product launches, capitalising and leveraging upon the Founders social media profiles, PR, and hype through pre-launch campaigns. 

The Result

Exceeding our clients ROAS target of 2.5 month-on-month, we increased the ROAS to an average of 3.7 and during product launch months, we were able to achieve a ROAS of 8+.

One of the product explainer videos generated 2,300 sales at a CPA of £8 with a ROAS of 3.2.

  • Post product launch analysis
    We ran product launches every 8-10 weeks. After each launch, we analysed audiences, creatives, messaging and fed this back to our client on what we could improve for next time.

  • Post-purchase sequencing campaign
    We created a post-purchase sequencing campaign to teach users how to use the product (use cases, educational videos, user-generated content) to improve repeat order rates and customer lifetime value.

  • In-depth technical audit on their website
    Before we launched multi-country websites, we conducted an in-depth CRO (conversion rate optimisation) to improve customer experience and check-out flow to increase conversion rates.

  • Launching into new international markets
    Once we completed the website audit, the client launched 3 new websites in different countries, at which point we then launched advertising campaigns for all of these new markets.

  • Leveraging the founder
    Due to the founder having a high following on social media, we could leverage some of his content when creating ad campaigns, so it wasn’t all product-focused.

The Result

We took our client from £10k per month to £140k per month within 14 months. 

The Results.

  • ROAS

    8 ROAS during product launch

    From £10k to £140k per month within 14-mths

    2,300 sales from one explainer video with a 3.2 ROAS



Customer target was 2


2,300 sales

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