How we convinced this fashion brand owner to go all in on Facebook Ads (and got her a 6.63 average ROAS)​.

The Client.

A Canadian premium women’s fashion eCommerce store with an average order value of $275.

The Challenge.

This was a completely new brand and had no offline/online presence or brand awareness.

The brand has a high average order value and high individual item price points.

Due to those elements, the owner was skeptical about the potential of paid social advertising.

They thought their brand was too “premium” to sell in large volumes through social media advertising.

We knew this wasn’t the case and were keen to prove it!

We began working on a proof test with a small budget of $1500.

The results were excellent.

The owner quickly agreed to scale to over $10k/month in ad spend.

We maintained top performing ROAS throughout the scaling phase.

The overall ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) target was set at 4 and we outperformed the target by bringing in a ROAS of 6.63.

The Strategy.

  • Audited the brand assets and online store performance
  • Implemented a multi-stage ad funnel
  • Implemented an extensive testing process to identify the best audience and creatives
  • Improved the creatives for their organic and paid advertising
  •  Introduced ‘Always On’ Evergreen ads providing a strong and stable ROAS baseline
  • Provided product selection, organic social media strategy and influencer marketing consulting services



Outperformed the target ROAS: 4



while maintaining top performing ROAS.

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