Essential Package for Service-Based Businesses

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

The Essential Package is ideal if you are wanting to be more visible to local customers all year around, or promote a limited-time offer.


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The Service Essential Package includes:

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The Service Essential Package includes:

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Essential Package Explained

What can you expect when purchasing the Essential Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign Package?

Ad Copy & Creatives

1. Copywriting (text for your Ad)

Based upon the information you provide in your Project Brief, our AdGeeks will write the text for your Advertising Campaign.

2. Creatives: Image/Video

Our AdGeeks will use the images and/or videos that you have provided for your campaign. 

Who do we target?

Based upon the answers in your Project Brief, our AdGeeks will create audiences to show your Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign to.


What does this mean for you?

Simply put, this means that Facebook will send your ad campaign to the audiences that we create – i.e.

  • Targeting those who live within 10km of your business,

  • Parents with kids aged up to 12yrs

  • New homeowners

  • People who have a birthday coming up

  • Friends of newlyweds

  • People who are into yoga and mindfulness – etc.

Where will people see your Ad?

Facebook and Instagram have lots of different placements. 

Your Ad will run across all of them, making sure you are as visible as possible.

See the list of available advertising placements for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Networks. 




Managing Your Ad Campaign

Your AfterCare Pack

What To Expect

Once you have reviewed and approved your Ad Campaign, our AdGeeks will publish them to go live.

You will then receive your AdGeeks Aftercare Pack to help you to:


● Understand the data in your Ads Manager

● Monitor your Ad Campaigns for success. 


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Facebook & Instagram Advertising Package
for Service-Based Businesses

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[simpay id="7554"]

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