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When email marketing is done right it can make up 30% of your annual revenue, with no additional marketing spend.  If you’re not seeing this return from your email marketing and SMS efforts, let our team of experts help you.

We take care of everything; from strategy to design, copywriting to coding, set-up to scaling, analytics to actionable reporting. We offer a full done-for-you service.

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Generated in first 4mths with new email marketing flows


of their overall revenue with no additional marketing spend.


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email open rate across campaigns & flows, from 23.6%


average CTR from 2.3%


0 %

uplift in conversions and revenue from first time customers.


of overall email marketing revenue came from new flows 

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Acquisition Costs Continue To Rise.

More and more DTC brands are competing for customers than ever before. With the rise of digital advertising costs, brands that want to prosper need to find creative ways to encourage business growth, and keep acquisition costs low.

Now is that time for you to find a balanced growth playbook that doesn’t over-rely on ever-changing third-party platforms.

Data is POWER. Use it for GROWTH.

But what happens when the data you once had is no longer available to you. Then what?

That’s right, we’re talking third party data.

With recent updates from Apple and Google, paid advertising has undergone many changes. From reduced audience targeting options to significant reductions in trackable data.

Customer acquisition costs are at an all time high, with no indication that they will go back down any time soon.

That’s marketing for you. Things change.

So rather than wish for it to go back to how it was, you should be asking yourself these two questions:

  1. How will these recent updates impact my business?
  2. How can we adapt to these changes?

The answer to No.2 is: Focus on ZERO & FIRST Party Data. The data that you OWN in your online store and ESP (email service provider).

So how do you use this data for GROWTH? With EMAIL MARKETING of course.

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Zero-party and First-party Data.

Once you start powering your business with zero-party and first-party data, you won’t even miss third-party data! But what is zero & first part data?

Zero-party data is information that someone gives to you proactively – like their email address, phone number, or birthdate.

First-party data is information observed about someone from your owned property – like what products they click on or links they visit from an email, etc.

Unlike third-party data, zero-party and first-party data is consent-driven, whereas third-party data is not explicitly opted-in to, or at least hasn’t been until recently. 

When you start powering your businesses with zero and first party data, it requires a mindset shift to do it effectively. You need to prioritise your customers in order to be successful.

It’s also about knowing; 

  • what type of data to collect based upon; Behaviour, Psychographic, Demographic
  • how to segment the data; Behaviour cues – purchasing trends, web activity, email & SMS engagement, contacts to customer service, etc

More reasons to focus on Email Marketing.

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people use email DAILY and is expected to hit 4.3 billion by 2023

0 %

of your annual revenue should come from your email marketing efforts.

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per dollar is the ROI email marketing can generate, higher than most other channels.


1. Audit

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No serious strategy can be done without first diving into the data and the customer journey. And because we have a team of paid media specialists in the agency, we can do a full funnel analysis to understand where your best customers come from and what cohorts are your most valuable.

2. Plan

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Flesh out your audiences and define your segments, develop messaging and positioning, create a list building campaign calendar, and map out your promotions - these will be the building blocks of your strategy.

3. Implement

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Copywriting and design - we create beautiful, customised emails that will speak to the core of your segments. We do regular A/B testing to look for the best performance. We set up your campaigns and your flows

4. Measure

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We help you make data-driven decision - and we use that data for strategic flow and campaign optimisation.


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